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The Dangers of DIY Cosmetics – An interactive Instagram Live session.

Dangers of DIY cosmetics, the naija formulator, Sommiesworld

I would be honest with you about this. I started out with DIY recipes found online. As a newbie natural, I had limited choices of hair products, I was also a cheap skate, fresh out of secondary school. I used to follow natural blogs from way back and copy everything they did.

Blogs like Curly Chronicles on Youtube (her name is Autumn I think), Black girl long hair (Leila, I think); I was even the first Nigerian to be featured on there after the first natural hair meet up was held (Omozo of O’naturals house). I went on to Naturally Leslie and Keeping in the Kinks (run by Akwaeke Emezi and her friend), Curly Nikki (Henna queen), a The Natural Haven (she has a scientific approach), and so many others. I owe my knowledge of natural hair care to them.

These recipes were all I had at the time, and they served me in some cases, with only a few mild disasters. I also started to try my hands at following skincare recipes, but it didn’t take long before I started to see more discrepancies within the system.
I went on to learn how to formulate properly, for many reasons that will be discussed in the Instagram live session coming up next week.

I will be there with the lovely Sommie of Sommie’s World. Those who attend the session will be getting something special (extending past that session), towards learning how to formulate simple effective natural cosmetics that will serve you and your family perfectly.

Dangers of DIY cosmetics, the naija formulator, Sommiesworld
The Dangers of DIY Cosmetics
So come through, we would love to have you.

To join us, you can follow my Instagram page Turn on post notifications to know exactly when we are up!

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How stress affects us – Part I

I don’t think I can avoid stress, it is a part of life and in itself is not the enemy. Stress keeps us on our toes, our fight-or-flight response serves us when we have to avoid or escape from dangerous situations and achieve goals. It polishes and sharpens us mentally, physically and emotionally. I find that some of my best work were done under stress and can even go as far as likening it to exercise.

With all these said, I can bet you are wondering if the doctors were wrong about it this whole time. Of course not! In my opinion, what happens after our stressful times is what we should be more concerned about. Do we allow our bodies to return to equilibrium or do we just jump on the next task that requires our attention?

Physiologically, prolonged stress tasks and depletes the body. Our muscles stay tense, our minds stay racing, and we lose touch of our emotions. This can be more appropriately termed distress. At this stage, it has become harmful to health and painful to the body and mind. Physical symptoms like headaches, muscle cramps, insomnia, increased blood pressure, anxiety and digestive issues may arise.
It can be argued that the starting point of all ailments is uncontrolled stress on the body and mind. On the emotional level, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and low self esteem are experienced. In fact, depression may even tag along.  The physical manifestation of stress can be seen in all organs like the skin and heart. While the heart works harder and faster, in times of stress, the skin can get reduced blood supply. A high and prolonged level of stress hormones in the blood can also cause increased blood sugar which can contribute to the production of acne.
For the sake of brevity, I will continue this topic in the next post. This post was about the effects of stress on the body in general. In the next posts, I will list out the effects of stress on the skin and ways to alleviate stress the effects.
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AfroRoots Naturals Hair Products Launch and Instagram/Facebook Giveaway!

This has been in the works for quite sometime. I am so happy to finally be able to do a little show and tell. These products are made from the finest oils, butters, and herbs. I can only tell you to see for yourself. They are currently available on this site. Stay tuned for vendor information. On this note if you would like to be a vendor, you can contact me, let’s talk.

AfroRoots Naturals are not just for people with natural or kinky hair; all hair types benefit greatly from this, although your technique may vary. If you will like us to go on a hair growth challenge, let me know. I also want long hair.

AfroRoots Naturals, the best Natural hair products brand. Made from the best indigenous Nigerian and exotic herbs, pamper your AfroRoots and strands with these high quality and natural products for maximum hair growth and retention.

P. S. Nothing can replace the value of good food and healthy lifestyle when it comes to beauty and hair goals. Great products like AfroRoots Naturals will take you to new heights as the third leg of this beauty life though.

To shop AfroRoots,  click here

To join the current giveaway, go to @thenaijaformulator or @afro_roots_naturals on Instagram.

For the Facebook giveaway, go to or

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Protected: Micellar Water Formulation.

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For your pleasure…

So the other day I found myself in the midst of some crazy friends. They came around as I was in the end stages of formulating a body butter (another post) and they started teasing me about formulating bombs and other random entities. The conversation somehow jumped to formulation of lubricants and before I knew it I got an order from one of them for some

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