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The Dangers of DIY Cosmetics – An interactive Instagram Live session.

Dangers of DIY cosmetics, the naija formulator, Sommiesworld

I would be honest with you about this. I started out with DIY recipes found online. As a newbie natural, I had limited choices of hair products, I was also a cheap skate, fresh out of secondary school. I used to follow natural blogs from way back and copy everything they did.

Blogs like Curly Chronicles on Youtube (her name is Autumn I think), Black girl long hair (Leila, I think); I was even the first Nigerian to be featured on there after the first natural hair meet up was held (Omozo of O’naturals house). I went on to Naturally Leslie and Keeping in the Kinks (run by Akwaeke Emezi and her friend), Curly Nikki (Henna queen), a The Natural Haven (she has a scientific approach), and so many others. I owe my knowledge of natural hair care to them.

These recipes were all I had at the time, and they served me in some cases, with only a few mild disasters. I also started to try my hands at following skincare recipes, but it didn’t take long before I started to see more discrepancies within the system.
I went on to learn how to formulate properly, for many reasons that will be discussed in the Instagram live session coming up next week.

I will be there with the lovely Sommie of Sommie’s World. Those who attend the session will be getting something special (extending past that session), towards learning how to formulate simple effective natural cosmetics that will serve you and your family perfectly.

Dangers of DIY cosmetics, the naija formulator, Sommiesworld
The Dangers of DIY Cosmetics
So come through, we would love to have you.

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