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My visit to a honey farm

Hello people. Hope you have been enjoying the holidays as much as I have.

My visit to the honey farm was highly anticipated because my dad buys strictly ‘village honey’ and most times it comes with the honeycombs.  I made a lip balm with some of those and quite enjoyed it. In a previous post,  I mentioned that I’m on a quest to find local, cheap sustainable sources of quality raw materials and in the spirit of that I decided to take advantage of being in my home town for the holidays to explore this.

Before the tour,  the ‘honey man’ (as he’s fondly called by everyone in my village) gave us a mini lecture on the equipment,  costume, methodology and management of a honey farm. I also learned Continue reading My visit to a honey farm

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I made a beeswax candle

So last night I decided to stop procrastinating and make a candle. So glad I did because it turned out very nice. I feel proud. I had some beeswax and oils and made a blend of the wax and oil using a double boiler. I decided not to use any essential oils because the beeswax had this yummy honey aroma and I also like the smell of coconut oil. I used a square braided wick and a glass candle mould.  The candle burned with a very slight scent of cocohoneynut which I quite enjoyed but it did not fill the room.

The benefits of switching from paraffin to soy and beeswax candles are vast and not just limited to aesthetics. Beeswax candles are naturally opaque yellow-coloured and melts to look and smell like the prettiest amber honey, gosh, I’m in love. It has a long burn duration and doesn’t have that burn smell that paraffin wax candles possess. Some people claim it releases negative ions into the atmosphere that purifies the air but I cannot verify that so … .

On the other hand though, beeswax is generally more expensive than paraffin wax but I guess you get what you pay for, right? I’ll try to experiment a little more using other types of wicks but im happy so far with what I got.

I’ll do other posts on the uses and benefits of beeswax but as regards to candle making, I LOVE EET!

Cheers and till next time, enjoy my candle photos (and maybe try it for yourself).