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Spa review – Tee Planet Beauty and Spa. 

​My friend and I decided to chill out at a spa so we found a Dealdey deal at TeePlanet, Yaba. This was Fola’s first spa experience though she has been curious to try it but hasn’t had the chance. We booked for the next day and got there on time. I should add here that the spa is on the second floor but it is easy to find due to the visible sign on the building. Going up to the spa, I wondered what the spa would look like and was pleasantly surprised that it looked quite nice. 

The waiting area

We were received warmly by one of the attendants who scheduled our visit and redeemed our coupons. We sat in the airy waiting room for sometime before we were shown to a twin therapy room and left alone to get ready. Our session started with the cleansing facials which consisted of a brief facial cleanse and exfoliation. We had different therapists I should add. The facials lasted two minutes before we went for the next step, the body scrub, in which their scrub (made in house) was applied to our skin in about 2 minutes. 

Although we found a way to follow through with the steam session, we found it too small for two people as it was made for one. We both had to stand in it as we had no towels to sit on (the steam room is built for one and therefore had only one seat).  I think they should work on getting another steam room or permit individual steaming sessions. We had a 14-minute steaming session before the scrub was rinsed off. The water was shockingly cold and so was the room so I started shivering after leaving the warmth of the steam room whhooo! As soon as the massage started, I felt nice and warm. 

The steam bath

Very dark and relaxing blue lighting

The full body massage was done using a herb infused oil, I should note here that the spa therapist asked if I had any aches before she started. I felt more relaxed at the end when she used a body massager on my limbs and belly. After the massage session, we went to the waiting room and took turns using the foot reflexology massager for about 5 min each. 

The foot reflexology equipment

The spa experience at Tee Planet was nice and will consider visiting the spa again for a quick session if I’m in the area. One downside to the session is that we were a bit rushed through compared to the time frame given on the deal but my skin felt smooth and I felt quite relaxed after the session regardless of time spent (the whole session lasted almost 50 minutes). There was no background music and it felt more like a salon with a therapy room included. Fola was relaxed after the session so I’m sure she would be tagging along in the next one. 

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Spa review : Paradise spa, Lekki Phase 1

Welcome to a new month my dear readers, we are almost halfway through the year. How has the year been so far? Are you still on track with your dreams and plans? I hope so and if not,  you can always start again today! 

To usher in the new month, and shed away the old skin from April, some ‘Me Time’ was in order (like I really need a reason to spend some time in a spa – I just love getting pampered!). Anyhoos, while combing through the Dealdey app, I came across a spa deal offered by Paradise MedSpa. I bought the third option which comprised of a 15 min steam bath, 45 min body scrub, 30 and 10 min of pedicure and manicure respectively. The deal cost six thousand nine hundred and ninety (6990) naira only. The other two options had some type of body massage in place of the scrub session and cost 4950 naira.  

I arrived on time for the appointment and was greeted pleasantly while getting the formalities (retrieving the coupon and filling out a health disclosure form) done in the waiting area. There was some calming spa music and I felt myself loosening up with all stress beginning to melt off me. I was lead to one of the treatment rooms and given a towel and some privacy to get undressed before entering the steam room. I really enjoyed being in here because I took the opportunity to do some deep breathing exercises and meditation. The masseuse started the scrub (using a honey based sugar scrub), which also kind of doubled as a mini massage. Although she was quite attentive and always checking if I was OK with the service, she ignored my inner thighs, buttocks, chest,  lower belly, etc (private and areas in close proximity in short). Afterwards, I was lead to the shower room to wash up. 

Spa bathroom, Paradise Medspa, Lekki.
Steam room for one!

Spa bathroom, Paradise Medspa, Lekki.
I liked the seashells in the vase!

I was looking to slather my new skin with some rich body butter or natural moisturizer after the shower but the lotion offered was St.Ives. Not that this is a bad thing but ever since I started making my own natural cosmetics, I’ve become somewhat of a cosmetics snob so I went without (don’t blame me for being partial to nature). I also expected the scrub to last longer (it said 45 mins on Dealdey but it was done in 20).

Spa bathroom, Paradise Medspa, Lekki.

Finally, I was lead to the nail studio for the mani/pedi. The therapist did quite a good job with exfoliating the soles of my feet and trimming my cuticle. She also used some gel scrub (not sure what the brand was) and regular thick creme afterwards. The service was great, the therapist efficient and my feet and hands felt ok afterwards. The only downside to the session was that there was no polish included. 

In all, I quite enjoyed the session and might go there again just to see how the service received on the offer will differ from the full session but it will take a while before I do that (it’s a bit far from where I live but I planned my day to make it work this time). 

Paradise Spa has a relaxing ambience, friendly staff and good service. They offer a range of spa services from wraps and massages to luxury facials; hair and nail services. It is situated at House 19,  Chief Albert Iyorah Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. There is a branch in VI.

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My spa experience : Greenleaf spa, Gbagada. 

So on this day I just needed a facial. My face has suffered a lot as I felt stressed, had been eating unhealthy, drinking and all that. I had a mini break out, and a few black heads but that was enough to

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My luxury day spa experience – Spa Naturel. 

I remember it ‘just like it was yesterday’. I had been to a quite a few massage parlors and was a frequent mall massage receiver by the time I found an offer on UK Groupon for a couple’s (they didn’t specify genders) spa day at only £12 pounds. My birthday was coming up (March 20) and I wanted to have a spa day with my friends so I bought 5 of the tickets (birthday giveaway, I guess). I invited 6 friends on the 19th day of March, 2013, using only 3 of the tickets.

I should mention that the spa is Continue reading My luxury day spa experience – Spa Naturel.