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The Dangers of DIY Cosmetics – An interactive Instagram Live session.

Dangers of DIY cosmetics, the naija formulator, Sommiesworld

I would be honest with you about this. I started out with DIY recipes found online. As a newbie natural, I had limited choices of hair products, I was also a cheap skate, fresh out of secondary school. I used to follow natural blogs from way back and copy everything they did.

Blogs like Curly Chronicles on Youtube (her name is Autumn I think), Black girl long hair (Leila, I think); I was even the first Nigerian to be featured on there after the first natural hair meet up was held (Omozo of O’naturals house). I went on to Naturally Leslie and Keeping in the Kinks (run by Akwaeke Emezi and her friend), Curly Nikki (Henna queen), a The Natural Haven (she has a scientific approach), and so many others. I owe my knowledge of natural hair care to them.

These recipes were all I had at the time, and they served me in some cases, with only a few mild disasters. I also started to try my hands at following skincare recipes, but it didn’t take long before I started to see more discrepancies within the system.
I went on to learn how to formulate properly, for many reasons that will be discussed in the Instagram live session coming up next week.

I will be there with the lovely Sommie of Sommie’s World. Those who attend the session will be getting something special (extending past that session), towards learning how to formulate simple effective natural cosmetics that will serve you and your family perfectly.

Dangers of DIY cosmetics, the naija formulator, Sommiesworld
The Dangers of DIY Cosmetics
So come through, we would love to have you.

To join us, you can follow my Instagram page Turn on post notifications to know exactly when we are up!

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Why your cosmetic products may not work. 

You are doing  everything possible as regards to your cosmetic regime and you still wonder what’s up. As a formulator, one would expect me to have perfect skin but the truth is, I don’t always. I wish I did but…. I took some time out to think about why my skin acts up from time to time and after some research, studying and all, I found out a few things that need to be changed. I know this may not apply to just me so I decided to share. 

  1. Eat right: I love junk food as much as the next person, even though I try from time to time to eat healthy. How can I say no to ice cream, bread (it bloats me up), cakes, chips with ketchup and suya? The best way to reduce the intake of these things is to replace with healthy options. Ingesting more vegetables and herbs will definitely work wonders for health and beauty. 
  2. Drink enough water: I try to keep up with my eight glasses but in Lagos, I sweat so much that eight really should be eighteen! I started taking cool lemon water because it’s delicious and will replace soft drinks. 
  3. Reduce stress and sleep better: I am a major culprit especially because I work so hard to bring you the best. Sometimes I remember things in my sleep and once I wake up to do them, that’s the end oo. I’ll be up till morning. I’m working on this though because how can I share so much when I’m in poor health? 
  4. Wash your pillows every couple of days: I change my sheets every week (or two). Gross I know, especially in Nigeria that sweating during sleep is not new to many people. Our sheets can breed microbes that feed on our dead skin, moisture and other things. If you can’t wash everything, just wash the pillowcase till the next laundry day! 
  5. Check your bath water: Is it clean, are there irritants included? Run a test, use boiled water, or bottled water to wash your face. The skin on the body is a bit more resilient compared to the face so you can used purified water for just your face. 
  6. Get regular treatments: At home treatments are very good but once in a while, go to a professional. You’ll see the difference and it’s fun and relaxing to be pampered. Just talk to your therapist about their ingredients to be sure that they are all natural. 
  7. Stick to a routine but listen to your body: Although I’m not a pro at this, I found out that I don’t need to exfoliate my face everyday and after washing my face with a mild cleanser, I may not need to put on a facial moisturiser if I’ve used my facial oil the night before. 
  8. Get regular medical check ups: Getting spots on specific parts of the face can be an indication of issues within the internal organs, so please get regular medical checks done. 
  9. Stop doing the most: This relates to point 7 above. Sometimes it’s best to let the skin breathe. Avoid heavy makeup and abrasive treatments. 
  10. Detox and exercise: This point ties with all the others listed. Exercise helps to cleanse the body through sweating so endeavour to drink a lot of water when working out. It can also lead to vasodilation and hence, vascular persuasion of the skin and hair. In plain English, more nutrient-rich blood can reach and nourish your skin and hair. There are other detox options available to you as well e. g. Detox teas and herbs but you don’t need to over do it. My best forms of exercise are yoga and dance while I love spearmint and moringa teas when I can. 
  11. Wear sweat bands when working out: Especially if you use a lot of hair styling products and comedogenic oils. Using sweat bands will stop sweat from your scalp from transporting these products to your face. 

    I hope I follow through all these and hope you do too. I’ll be challenging myself (and you!). Let me know how you get on! 

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    Penetration enhancers

    The skin is evidently the largest organ of the body. Amongst other functions, it prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). As good as the skin is at preventing dehydration through TEWL, it is even better at keeping things out. Things like water too. This sounds a little strange but imagine you absorb water everytime you take a bath or got rained on, think about the myriad of substances that get on the skin by accident or on purpose, what about bacteria and other grimy things that touch us from time to time. Our skin is highly resilient and resistant to external forces.

    With this said, the skin does allow some compounds through based on:

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    Studying the human skin – part 1,  intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

    In order to make the best skin care products, it is very important to understand how it operates. The skin being the largest organ of the body (16% of total body weight), protects the body from physical, chemical, and infectious attacks and plays a role in several biological and biochemical processes like excretion and temperature regulation. 

    Continue reading Studying the human skin – part 1,  intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

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    When you cannot do without preservatives. 

    Hey people,

    So in the spirit of naturalness (is that even a word?), some people are opposed to including preservatives in their formulations. I am all for the good cause, swear down, and will definitely not include it in formulations that do not require any preservation i. e. Anhydrous products.

    With that said, for all formulations that incorporate water and other hydrophilic ingredients, preservation is Continue reading When you cannot do without preservatives. 

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