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Lip balm formulation challenge: create your own natural lip balm with two ingredients!

Hello my readers, how are you getting on with your previous formulations? Have you made any others since then? Do you have challenges or victories? If so, let me know about them. You can also post your photos and I will try to advice you (if you need it). The last emulsion workshop was so much fun (and informative), it was so great having you.
A student made this beautiful body cream at the recent workshop.

To those that haven’t taken a class with me, what in the world are you waiting for? If you cannot attend due to distance, you can always take the online version.

Image from whatsupmoms.
I am back this fine afternoon with another formulation challenge. You will learn to formulate your very own lip balm with just two ingredients!! I am sure your friends will thank me for keeping you away from theirs.  Plus, I don’t want you walking around with dull, chapped lips LOL. I cannot stress enough that keeping all parts of the body, lips included can improve and maintain their suppleness and glow. Before we go on, you can subscribe to my blog and social media pages to stay updated on new formulae.
For your lip balm formulation, you will need:
  • Scales (if you want accurate and reproducible results)
  • Glass, ceramic or good grade plastic bowl
  • Spatula or stirring spoon/rod
  • Lip balm container
  • Cocoa butter
  • Essential oil
To make 25 g of lip balm, measure out:
  • 24 g Cocoa butter
  • 1 g essential oil
Melt your butter in a double boiler and add in your oils. Pour into your container and leave to cool. I should mention at this point that I would stay away from citrus essential oils for facial products to avoid photosensitivity. I like peppermint essential oils for the tingle and sweet scent.
I like to drink a little water before application /reapplication to soften my lips and increase moisturisation. How do you use your lip balm? Do you prefer your balm in a roll up tube, pot or jar?
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DIY Natural body scrub challenge

Hello my budding formulators,

How did you enjoy using your body/hair butter from this post? So in a coming post, I’ll be talking about why we need to exfoliate regularly. In order for you to enjoy the post and understand what I’ll be raving about, I need you to experience it. I know… thank me later so we can dive in!

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Hibiscus peppermint emulsified lotion scrub.

First off. Let me just leave you with this lovely photo before I get to the deep bit. Two days ago, I received an order from a friend after he sniffed my peppermint essential oil (thanks to the Universe for making me walk past with it at that time). Trust me to sell myself on the spot and offered to make him a peppermint body scrub. He accepted the terms and I got to work. I had so much fun formulating this, especially the end stage. It looks and smells yummy. Someone even thought it was Continue reading Hibiscus peppermint emulsified lotion scrub.